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It was great to see you again and to catch up with you in your new job as guide / administrator. It certainly seems to be going very well. Hal and I just got back from Lima this morning. Roger has gone up to Washington, but we talked a lot about our trip with you in the Rio Puelo. I know that Roger wants to send you an email so I am copying him in on this email. I have not yet developed the films as we usually do this in England when we are there, but when we do I will send you some copies. Hal will send you an email with his comments, but for my part, I can say that it was the best fishing I have had in Chile. The installations, equipment, guiding and above all the river are really excellent. I am particularly grateful for the time you and Marcelo spent with Hal and his rainbow he caught on the second day will be something he will remember for the rest of his life (he is still talking about it!). I think the river is wonderful - we saw it in very different conditions - high on the first two days and then returning to its normal level very quickly when the rain stopped, revealing even more interesting runs. I am sure we will return again next year assuming you will still be there, and the only debate seems to be which is the best week to do so ! Thanks once again for a superb time, and please also pass on my thanks to Marcelo, and the staff at Posada Puelo who made our time there so enjoyable. un fuerte abrazo

Paul, 122, el 2007-03-01

Dear Claude, I had a wonderful time at the Posada. My second visit to the Posada exceeded my expectations. I want to thank Patricia for coordinating my visit. I want to acknowledge Marlene, Jorge Juan and Marcelo, especially for his insights on fishing the Puelo River, for three very enjoyable days. Nano deserves special mention for his excellent customer service, attention to details and for his caring and nurturing of fly fishing, the rivers and all that Chile represents. Best regards,

Carlos Ramos, 119, el 2007-02-27

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